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I Am Doing Some Work for My Girlfriend

January 26th, 2021 / / categories: Uncategorized /

I am not really sure to be honest, but I think my girlfriend is a lot better off than I ever believed. She never really told me about her business and of course I never really asked her, because she was really hot and she wanted to go out with me. That was plenty to keep me occupied, but then I am doing some work for my girlfriend now and I realize that she seems to own a lot of property here. Today I am sort of supervising some air conditioning installation in Queens and doing some clean up work. I got up early and went to this place with a pick up truck and a trailer which I am going to fill up pretty quickly from the demolition work. I really did not know how to do that, but it is not brain surgery. You get the right tools and then you start tearing up stuff as though you have a plan. She had the plan and the tools, it took her about ten minutes to explain it all and then she gave me a timeline, telling me that if I did not do it quickly she’d pay me by the job.

The HVAC guys came in about nine that morning and it was clear they were intimidated by Joan. She seems to have a lot of people frightened. One of them smelled like a distillery, but I could not tell which one it was and they seemed to be able to do the work. I did not bother them and I was pretty happy to be on with my own work. In fact I shall have to be the helper the rest of the way. The people doing the renovation work shall be here in the morning and then they will get started.


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