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How to be financially independent?

April 11th, 2021 / Tags: / categories: Business /

In recent years, financial independence has reached the top of personal goals for more and more people. In the list of personal goals, we find happy relationships, iron health, travel, hobbies, time spent with family, free time, experiences of all kinds, and financial independence. More and more people on NorskeAnmeldelser are of this opinion.

Why financial independence?

What could support you more in achieving your other personal goals than financial independence, that is, to get the money you need for your standard of living from passive income, without having to work for them?

Work becomes optional. You will work what you like and how long you like it. Much better than working for 40 hours a week and possibly in a place you don’t necessarily like, but pay your bills. Depending on your needs and how fast they are, you can seek help from Kredittlånet.

Financial independence means:

  • TIME

You can reach financial independence in 3 steps.

Work to win


You can’t get rid of being a working man unless you were born rich (congratulations to your parents!) Or won the lottery. Therefore, no. 1 is a given condition. We all have to get out of here.

However, here too there is a lot to return to, as the Transylvanians say. You can work in a dead-end field (you can’t grow, you can promote) or you can get a job where you can give a shot (promotion in top management, to become a partner, to make a big sale, etc).

In the end, the road to financial independence, like life, is a series of decisions. Choose carefully what you want to do and think about how much money you can make. If you don’t think about money, do you think someone else will do it for you?


Good. Let’s say you have a good job, you are in a key position, you bring results to the company and you have chances to be promoted. You make a lot of money. Super!

The question is: what do you do with the money?

Money must be seen as a non-renewable resource – as time if you will. Time, like money, can only work to your advantage if it is saved and invested. The wasted time does not go back. Save more if you earn more. Living decently does not mean spending all available money.

Why do you want to be financially independent?

Being financially independent is a small part of living an abundant life. A very important part, however, because it is difficult to have control over your life when you have financial problems. We live in a society where it is very difficult to manage without money.

Financial independence gives you the freedom to spend your time as you choose. It can be spending time with those you love, traveling, reading, learning new things, doing sports, creating something that helps people, writing, taking care of your own business and investments, maybe be whatever you love most, whatever makes your heart sing.

It is very important to have your vision. What will your life look like after you become financially independent? How will you spend your time?