5 Most Charming Small Towns in France

France is so popular with retirees. The quality of life, the lifestyle, the culture, the peace you get from small towns in France cannot be found elsewhere.

Many people from within France and outside the country consider moving to buy, rent or build a house somewhere in the French countryside.

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In this article, I shall help you narrow down to some of the best small, charming towns in France suitable for settling down or a peaceful relaxing vacation.

1. Gordes

If you’re a person who runs exploring the mountains or hilly landscape, Gordes is the right place for you.

This village in the Southern part of France is located on top of a cliff.

It is a place with a rich history and has a museum, galleries and exhibitions to retell the story of History.

Being situated on a hill the view is spectacular. There are several viewpoints where you can sit and relax as you enjoy the view.

The beautifully designed churches and the lavender farms will give you a taste of true beauty in nature.

2. Saint-Cirq Lapopie

The Saint-Cirq Lapopie is another beautiful village that attracts many tourists every year.

It is approximately 5 hours drive from France which is very convenient for people on vacation.

The village has maintained its medieval architectural designs right from residential homes to churches and social buildings.

The landscape is amazing with a beautiful Cliff overlooking the village and a river.

There are some prehistoric caves nearby to explore as well as restaurants and small museums within the village that help maintain the village history.

3. Fourcés, Midi-Pyrénées

If you want to experience that to Country Living in a France Village you must visit Fourcés, Midi-Pyrénées.

The charming medieval houses built in the 13 and 14th century will steal Your Heart. You have beautiful churches and castles.

Beautifully well-manicured flowers also defined the village which helps bring out the historic ancient feel to it.

Visiting the village may also give you a chance to dine with sweet wine and traditional cheese.

To make it even better you may choose to pay a visit specifically in the last weekend of April where you will be part of a large colourful flower market.

One night at the village will give you a thousand reasons why France is known as the country of love.

4. Bayeux, Normandy 

Bayeux, Normandy is probably one of the most popular villages in France because it draws in a lot of tourists every year.

Mostly because it embodies some form of heritage having survived all the two world wars.

For someone looking to learn more about French history, this town is right for you. You can explore Bayeux cathedral Bayeux tapestry

It has amazing restaurants, parks, a museum of the Normandy war and the town market.

The small town has a population of about 13,000 people.

The Normandy beaches are also not so far from the town, approximately 40 minutes drive.

5. Gassin

What are the things people worry about when planning to move and settle in a countryside village is getting tired of the low quiet life.

However Gassin is different, you will get both the old quiet countryside living as well as a towny feeling.

Its location makes it perfect for those who don’t want to live so far from the city which is only A few kilometres from Saint-Tropez.

The selling point and probably the reasons why most people choose to move to this Village is because of the amazing view of golf de Saint-Tropez Hills.

You can you take over across the beautiful Village through the narrow streets, sightseeing the old chapels like the famous Notre Dame de l’assomptio while taking in the beautiful panoramic views.

Writing this article makes me want to immediately book a trip there. The village also has a mixture of both old and modern living.


The above-mentioned are my top five picks of the most charming small towns in France and people may have varying opinions so it is fair to say that there is something for everyone.

Explore other options to see what best suits your interest.