Holiday Lighting Safety

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Decorating our homes with holiday lights is one of our most treasured traditions during the holiday season. These twinkling lights are a wonderful way to add some magic to the holiday season. However, if they are not properly installed and maintained, they could pose a safety hazard. This blog will discuss the importance of holiday light safety, as well as why LD Lightings’ permanent outdoor Christmas or holiday lights are the best options for a safe, convenient, and enchanting holiday experience.

Unfortunately, holiday lighting accidents are more common than you might imagine. It is important to adhere to the best practices of holiday lighting safety for you and your family to have a happy, safe holiday season.

  • Check Your Lights Before Installing: Inspect your lights for frayed wires or damaged sockets. Also, check them for broken bulbs. Throw away any lights with signs of wear.
  • Use outdoor-rated lights: Only use lighting that is specifically designed for use outdoors. Indoor lights are not designed to withstand moisture and the elements.
  • Beware of Extension Cords: If you must use extension cords for outdoor use, ensure that they are in good working order and are rated for outdoor use. Do not overload them with light strands and keep the connections dry.
  • Avoid overloading circuits: Distribute holiday lights over multiple circuits to avoid overloading. Electrical fires can be caused by overloading circuits.
  • Attach lights securely to your house using clips or hooks made for outdoor lighting. Use clips or hooks to secure lights. Nails and staples can cause electrical hazards, damage wires, and even break them.
  • Invest in LED Lighting: LEDs are energy-efficient, emit less heat, and are more durable. They are a safer option than incandescent lighting.

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